Oil & Gas drilling/Mining:

The huge quantity of CMC is used for oil well fracturing, oil well stimulation, mud drilling, and suspending agent.

CMC is used as viscosifier to maintain drilling mud viscosities that enable drilling fluids to remove drilling waste from deep holes.


Food Industries:

Ice Cream:

CMC retards ice crystal growth non-specifically by slowing mass through across the solid/liquid interface. CMC provides smooth & creamier texture in ice cream.

Bakery Products:

CMC increases the yield of dough, gives greater resiliency and improve texture & shelf life.

Dairy products:

CMC thickens the milk, yogurt, and liquid cheese products and helps to maintain homogeneity and texture.

Meat Products:

CMC functions as lubricant & binder.

Dressings & Sauces:

CMC improves the stability and appearance of salad dressings, sauces, relishen, and ketchups.


CMC gives better sheet formation, improves moisture retention & texture. Improves the run ability of machines which increase the production.


Explosives Industries:

CMC Powder works as water proofing agent mixed with other chemicals. And water binding agent for aqueous slurry explosives.


Textile Industries:

CMC is used in textile industries for sizing, printing and finishing.


Pharmaceutical Industries:

CMC Powder is used as a binder or as disintegration in tablets. CMC is an important non-caloric source of soluble dietary fiber, widely used in capsules as dietary fiber.


Paper Industries:

CMC Powder is used as wet end additive, sizing agent, and retention aid for improving sheet formation folding and denser surface for printing.


Cosmetics & Toiletries:

CMC powder is used as thickener agent in tooth paste, shampoos and conditioners, and also used as protective colloids in skin care products, cream and lotions.