About Us

Industrial Polymers is a manufacturer of Sodium Carboxy methyl Cellulose (CMC) which have developed and produced with the depth knowledge of 17 years techno-commercial experience.

Our Products Application
Sodium CMC Adhesives, Ceramic, Paints, pesticide, drilling, detergent, Foundry, Food, Oil Well Drilling, Paper, Pencil, Pesticide, Printing, Textile, Wall putty, Welding electrode
Sodium CMS Construction, corrugation, textile, , paper sizing, oil well drilling,
CCS (Cross carmellose Sodium) pharmaceuticals
SSG (Sodium Starch Glycolate) pharmaceuticals
MCC (Micro crystline cellulose) Cakes & ice-creams, breads, tablets
Alpha cellulose Powder Welding electrode
Calcium CMC super disintegrate
SMCA (Sodium Monochloro acetate) CMC, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes.
Poly anionic cellulose (PAC) Oil well drilling