Ceramic Grade CMC

Ceramic Grade CMC can be used in ceramic body, glazing pulp, and decoration. Used in ceramic body, it is a good strengthening agent, which can strengthen the mouldability of mud and sand materials, help the shaping of the base and increase the folding strength of the green body. Used in glazing pulp and decoration, it is a binder that plays a role of suspending, uncoagulating, and keeping water.

25 kg. HDPE bag with inside LDPE liner, or other packing as per client's requirement.

1. Store in a cool, dry, clean, ventilated environment.
2. Since production date, a preservation period should not exceed 3 years for the industrial product.
3. The products should be prevented from water and package bag damaging during transportation.
4. We can produce Sodium Carboxy methyl Cellulose with high purity, very high viscosity according to the customer’s requirements. For more information, please feel free to contact us...